Trelis 16.3 新機能




paving アルゴリズムは、今や四辺形メッシュの世界標準です。Trelis 16.3 では、複雑なサーフェスのメッシング性能がさらに向上しています。




バグ修正・改良がなされた最新のtetmesher では、より高品質なテトラ(四面体メッシュ)要素の生成が可能になりました。







詳細は Trelis Help をご覧ください。






 Abaqus & Patran エクスポータの改良

エクスポータの改良により、Abaqus (.inp) と Patran (.neu) フォーマットでのメッシュと境界条件のインポート及びエクスポート性能が向上しました。






カスタムツールバーの構成を全面的に見直し、以前のようなカスタムツール作成だけでなく、ワークフローマネージャとしての使用も可能にしました。ツールバーには通常のボタン、ジャーナルファイル、Python スクリプト、コマンドパネルを設定できます。また、ツールバーとワークフローはインポート/エクスポートが可能です。




Geometry コマンドパネルを、操作ベースのレイアウトに変更しました。他のボタンのレイアウトも、使いやすさを考慮して修正しました。




全てのアイコンをリニューアルし、GUI の統一性とわかりやすさを向上させました。








APREPRO エディタに、3つの新機能が追加されました。各機能の詳細についてはドキュメントをご覧ください。


Trelis 16.3
Issue Description
[SM-888] Trelis crashes when creating a boundary layer
[SM-892] Trelis crashes on contact pair selection
[SM-894] Trelis crashes on contact pair selection after geometry deletion
[SM-904] Heal - Analyze button doesn't execute command
[SM-905] Draw Normal/Reverse Normal not displaying surface normal
[SM-906] Location based options don't execute commands on the Create panels
[SM-907] Add Webcut/sheet to volume panel
[SM-908] Composite surface on PowerTools crashes
[SM-911] Crash when press the tweak button on the diagnose geometry power tool
[SM-913] Help link from Create Prism panel is incorrect
[SM-917] Geometry Power Tool inserts duplicate IDs in pick widgets
[SM-925] Boundary layer modify can't turn on internal continuity after turn off
[SM-930] Trelis crashes when splitting periodic surface using vertices for facet geometry
[SM-939] Help link from Modify-Volume-Remove Slivers panel goes to Creating Blocks
[SM-926] Change version command to list Trelis instead of Cubit
Trelis 16.3.1
Issue Description
[SM-727] Test the new Extended Selection dialog
[SM-689] Add workflow section to docs. HDF5 explanation
[SM-879] Add updates for enhanced spider command
[SM-912] Trelis crashes after repeated Undo commands
[SM-919] ITEM Remove Small Features doesn't mark okay for multiselect
[SM-921] Mesh Surface panels with Vertex Type option issues draw command when Apply Scheme
[SM-924] Change Modify and Delete boundary layer pick widgets to boundary layer type
[SM-928] Add back surface composite create panel
[SM-936] Echoing from the graphics window does not add a space after the last keyword
[SM-944] Trelis 16.3. crashes with just FEA or CFD (but not Pro)
[SM-938] Add Open Asset importer to GUI
[SM-935] Add discontinuity option to the create vertex on curve panel
Trelis 16.3.2
Issue Description
[SM-876] Tree width expands based on display label at bottom
[SM-915] Some Block pick widgets do not select the block from the tree.
[SM-949] Modify Volume Simplify Panel Error: Unable to create
[SM-950] Move Auto Clean to the Modify Virtual Geometry Operation
[SM-951] Move Collapse Angle from Modify Geometry-Vertices to Modify Virtual Geometry Vertices
[SM-952] Mod Geometry-Volumes-Propagate Curve Bias help link is broken
[SM-958] Broken pick widget for CFD Modify Boundary Condition Type panel
[SM-959] FEA BC Modify panels have duplicate ID/Name fields
[SM-960] Mesh entity filter Hotkeys are not working correctly
[SM-966] Surface sizing functions in GUI missing
[SM-863] Add the sizing function under Meshing on the Properties Page
[SM-910] Add GUI shortcuts to Property Page
[SM-934] Volume Create Sweep panel along curve pick widget label should be plural
[SM-953] Propagate Curve Bias panel in the Geometry panel might have a link to Mesh panel
[SM-954] Remember FEA and CFD entities when switching between Create Modify and Delete
[SM-956] Add a table of the specified BCs under Action Create and Action Modify
[SM-957] Remove BC Entity level and Delete by Picking option
[SM-967] Add more information to CFD command panels
Trelis 16.3.3
Issue Description
[SM-944] Trelis crashes when launching FEA version
[SM-948] Remove Volume Composite from the GUI because it is still a beta feature
[SM-968] Fix Quad Dominant scheme attribution error
Trelis 16.3.4
Issue Description
[SM-853] Smart Meshing Tool crashes driver.sat model from tutorials
[SM-979] Missing vertex icon on Geometry/Modify Virtual/Vertex
[SM-980] Incorrect link to Propagate Curve Bias help
[SM-982] BCSet panels omit the "analysistype" keyword
[SM-983] Interval Panel mesh button executes the mesh command before the setting the size or interval
[SM-984] Error in CFDDeleteNavigation.XML message when launching Trelis
Trelis 16.3.5
Issue Description
[SM-1013] Change volume imprint merge command to use 'volume' instead of 'body'.
[SM-1014] Add new Python function to create NURBS curves and surfaces.
[SM-1015] Fix post-meshing tool to properly handle multiple arguments.
[SM-1019] Change how Trelis saves the settings for the post-meshing.
Trelis 16.3.6
Issue Description
[SM-1022] Fixed issue with mesh refinement not working properly when refining three outer surfaces.

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